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Crypto Job Postings Increased 400% in 2021 According to Linkedin

analysis by the social network Linkedin of the cryptocurrency jobs industry found that cryptocurrency job postings soared even though they were not in the same field as other emerging fields. According to the company, job postings that included the words “ethereum”, “cryptocurrency” and the like grew by almost 400% in 2021 compared with the previous year. Tech, which managed only 98% growth in its job listings over the same period, was outpaced by the field.

This was due to the $30 billion in funding that flooded crypto last year. Many companies needed people to work on crypto-related projects. This growth was also influenced by the public exposure of crypto and last year’s new bull market.

Crypto Expansion

Although most of the jobs were in finance and software development, there are other sectors such as consulting and accounting that are looking for crypto-savvy talents. Other topics included staffing and computer hardware service.

As the field grows in popularity, crypto companies are also poaching employees and executives from other tech and finance companies. This is not just happening in the U.S. but also in countries like Korea where crypto has become more popular. Last year saw a mass exodus in financial officials from the country, as former regulators and government officials left their posts to work on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Some companies have also been influenced by the crypto boom, jumping on it. This has led to cryptocurrency jobs being created in traditional companies like Accenture, KPMG and PayPal Holdings Inc. as well as JPMorgan Chase & Co. which now have a division dedicated to cryptocurrency.