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Luno’s new savings wallet allows customers to earn interest on their Bitcoin

When we talk about Luno wallets, it is actually a multi-currency wallet. This kind of wallet enables its users to earn interest on their Bitcoin balances. This can be done by using this kind of wallet to deposit funds into their other wallets like MasterCard and Visa cards. After depositing money into these other accounts, they are able to earn interest on the balance.

To make this work, one needs to transfer funds to their Luno wallet account so that it is possible for them to earn interest. They are only charged a fee on a transaction that is made for other types of transactions and they are not charged extra fees on this transaction.

One does not have to worry about any restrictions because this type of transaction is entirely allowed by Luno. If a customer is unable to do this, he or she can always try to send it to their other accounts. The other accounts can then be used as collateral if it is necessary.

One can also earn interest on the balance in their own Luno wallet by spending less on their other accounts. This is because in case of transactions that require a larger amount, this wallet will charge more than other wallets.

If one is still hesitant to invest in their Luno wallets due to the higher charges, they can also opt for one of the other options that are available today. For instance, they can buy their Luno wallet using one of the many currency pairs available today. This way, they can make use of all of their currencies without having to worry about conversion rates.

With all the different choices that Luno has for its clients, it is easy to see why more people are opting to invest in this service. It gives them an advantage over other companies and it gives them a chance to earn interest on their balance. This is how one can earn interest on their balance in a wallet using a service that is considered to be the most user-friendly.