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Michael Saylor Says He’s Not Forced to Sell MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin No Matter What

MicroStrategy CEO, Natalie Brunell, stated that BTC was one of the few assets that meets the criteria for potential upside movements.

Saylor: I can’t sell Bitcoin if there is a BTC price

MicroStrategy’s first major BTC purchase, worth more than $200million, was announced almost one year ago by the founder and CEO. The NASDAQ-listed business intelligence company kept buying, owningmore that 100,000 coins by now. Saylor was soon known as one the most prominent bitcoin bulls.

A recent interview with Natalie Brunell of Coin Stories saw the executive discuss the possible consequences for his company if BTC falls below a certain price threshold, or even falls below MicroStrategy’s average entry point.

Saylor stated that he wouldn’t be forced to sell, even if this scenario occurs. Saylor believes that the adoption curve for cryptocurrency is part of nature and likens it to fire and electricity.

“It took the human race 100,000 year to find fire. That was slow. It took the human race around 20-30 years to discover electricity. Bitcoin will not take 30 years, I doubt it. Information is spreading faster than I thought, but I’m still skeptical.

Saylor believes that the ‘tens of thousands’ of developers and organizations working to improve Bitcoin’s network, including MicroStrategy, will accelerate mass adoption more quickly than people think. His company will continue to promote Bitcoin while it grows into an asset of a ‘$1 Trillion, $10 Trillion, $100 Trillion’ value.

Buy Bitcoin to Make You Richer

Saylor also addressed an bash fiesta hosted by Peter Schiff, a well-known bitcoin critic and gold supporter. In June, the economist stated that gold is bought to be rich and not to get rich. They also put their hopes on BTC to become rich.

He sees bitcoin, however, as an asset with a greater potential to make people poorer.

MicroStrategy CEO stated that there is more chance of becoming rich buying bitcoin than buying precious metals. He advised people to find a dominant tech digital network that everyone needs, understands and can stop. This will help them create wealth.

He gave a few examples of how Google, Amazon and Facebook made their creators the richest people on Earth. Perhaps even more important, the people behind these giants didn’t sell their stock during times of turbulence and hurdles.

Therefore, the problem with gold is that it’s not undergoing a digital transformation. It’s a 5,000 year-old idea that has stopped working in 1914. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is ‘the digital transformation and ownership of property’ whereas gold is not.

“If you want to become rich, the only way to do so is to either create an asset that will appreciate by 100 or buy an asset that will appreciate by 100.

Only assets that are understood or appreciated by more than 99% of the population will appreciate and appreciate in value.

Saylor stressed the importance of doing thorough research before allocating funds. However, he believes that bitcoin fits the general criteria because it’s a large tech network that’s underappreciated but has huge upside potential.