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Over 20,000 Bitcoin ATMs Installed in a Year

ATMs that allow users to exchange cryptocurrency with fiat money and buy it are growing at an incredible rate. Coin ATM Radar data shows that they are close to 34,000 by 2021.

Over 20,000 new devices were created globally in a year when the crypto market reached all-time highs. The charts that were updated by the tracking site showed that bitcoin ATMs had a lower than 13,000 count in December 2020. This is all ATM locations registered after October 2013. Twelve months later, they have surpassed 33,900.

Although crypto teller machines are easily found in every corner of the globe, their distribution is very concentrated. Nearly 30,000 of all Bitcoin ATMs (bitcoin ATMs) are located in the United States. Canada is second with just over 2,200 machines.

The Bitcoin-friendly El Salvador ranks among the top with its 205 machines. This surpasses other EU countries like Spain (which has less than 200) and Austria (which has 142). The entire continent of Europe had 1,384 cryptocurrency ATMs as of December 29, lagging behind North America’s key markets.

Automated teller machines that support cryptocurrencies are now manufactured by a number of companies. General Bytes, Bitaccess, and Genesis Coin are the largest players on this market, with over 14,000 devices each, General Bytes having more than 7,500 and Bitaccess close to 5,000. The top five are completed by Bitstop and Coinsource, which have less than 2000 each.

There are at least 6,000 crypto ATMs around the globe, with the top 10 operators managing 70%. The sector’s largest companies are Bitcoin Depot which has over 6,600 machines and is followed by Coincloud (4,600) and Coinflip (3,500).

There are two types of teller machines: one-way and two-way. They support various cryptocurrencies. These machines allow users to not only buy but also sell digital coins. Many BATMs offer the ability to buy bitcoin ( TTC), as well as other major coins like bitcoin cash ( BC), Ethereum ( ETH), and even litecoin( LTC).