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The SEC has delayed its decision to sign off a bitcoin ETF a second time, citing concerns over potential market manipulation

Even the US securities regulator has postponed a decision on whether to approve a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) for another time, owing to its concerns on the prospect of exploitation from the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Even the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was contemplating a proposition from choices trade Cboe Global Trade since March to record some bitcoin ETF through strength director VanEck Associates that could permit the world’s biggest cryptocurrency to be traded among mainstream financial institutions.

The SEC first postponed its conclusion on VanEck’s bitcoin ETF in late April, compelling its judgment back before June.

However, the SEC stated in a filing on Wednesday it might require more time to check the general public. It stated it would seek out input from the general public on the prospect of market exploitation of bitcoin and, by extension, also the ETF. It would also seek comment on whether regulation of this bitcoin marketplace had shifted in the previous five decades.

The SEC has contributed the people 35 times from Wednesday’s submitting to react. The watchdog may expand its test period around 240 days.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler poured cold water on shareholders’ hopes of a fast sign-off to get cryptocurrency ETFs a month after he stated crypto investors wanted additional security, and suggested that crypto trades could run under greater regulatory scrutiny.

“There is a great deal of authority which the SEC now gets in the securities area, and there are a range of cryptocurrencies that fall in this authority,” Gensler informed lawmakers in May.

Cryptocurrencies are exceptionally explosive and bitcoin is no exception. The cost can swing as much as $10,000 on any certain day. Regulatory supervision is narrow and also part of the appeal of this current market is the amount of anonymity it provides customers, when compared with conventional assets such as shares, commodities or perhaps monies.

Bitcoin was trading about $39,300 on Thursday. It has dropped around 8.5percent up to now in June, but remains up by over 300 percent in comparison to this time this past year.