How to Become a Bitcoin Billionaire

In this article, BNT will describe several ways of making money using cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The tips that are presented here are based on an analysis of networks, public registries and confirmed by the experience of the richest people. Bitcoin-connoisseurs and lovers of blockchain technology, we suggest you test yourself and guess the characters that we’ll be talking about. You can find the correct answers at the end of the article.

1. Be the owner of the private key

BitInfoCharts allows you to view Bitcoin blockchain addresses that contain the largest amounts of digital coins. The information is completely legal and reliable – anyone can see it due to the open nature of Bitcoin. If one of the readers finds the address among these hexadecimal codes, to which he has the key, may he accept our congratulations?

2. Come up with a cryptocurrency

You’ve got to develop the concept of digital money, write program code and invite your friends to be the first to take part in the project. Further, it is even easier: while users try to understand the algorithm, structure, usage patterns and send the first coins to each other for fun, turn on the computer and mine some coins.

Luckily, the system has not yet raised the complexity of mining, and even the regular office desktop can handle the generation of blocks.

3. Arrest Ross Ulbricht

Approximately 144,000 bitcoins can be obtained from an escrow account during the investigation of illegal financial transactions, after the following arrest of the Silk Road creator and closure of the website. When most of the coins are sold, there will still be about 60,000 bitcoins, which is still a solid amount.

4. Sell pizza

Sell two tasty pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins to a hungry crypto-enthusiast. Yes, you will not become a billionaire after the first sale, it is a fact. However, if the pizza is good, and the service deserves praise, your small cryptocurrency enterprise will enjoy success, people will recommend it to each other. All you’ve got to do is to sell a little more pizza, and very soon the first billion will be in your pocket. Probably.

5. Take part in the Olympics

In fact, sporting achievements, in this case, are no less important than a lawsuit against the founder of Facebook. If the future billionaire has an athlete twin brother. together they create the concept and program code of the main social network and also participate in sports rowing competitions, a billion dollars is not that hard to get.

It is important to invest the funds you won during the trial in Bitcoin at an early stage of its development. The rest is a matter of technique: the cryptocurrency becomes popular, its value is growing, and in 2017 you are billionaires. You now have so many bitcoins and dollars that you can apply for ETF registration. But that’s another story.

6. Surround yourself with good friends

Friends are important. Even more important are smart and enterprising friends who will appreciate the potential of the cryptocurrency market and infect the future crypto billionaire with the idea of a decentralized world where you could apply your talents, perseverance and business acumen.

If our dear reader has a friend with whom you can jointly develop, for example, a miner for a bitcoin blockchain, then success is inevitable. After you sell the miners, the capital will increase, the blockchain project will grow, and in the future, you can even inadvertently provoke the possibility of a ‘51% attack’ on the network of the very first cryptocurrency.

7. It’s all about friends once again

This tip is also associated with mining and miners. Hands down, the generation of coins and ensuring the work of cryptocurrency projects require the use of modern powerful computing devices. And where the miners are – there is money. Anyone who owns miners or sells them would hardly escape the fate of a billionaire.

Strangely enough, but it is also important to have an intelligent and enterprising friend here, with whom on board you can start a company that produces miners and owns the largest pools. As a result, one of the comrades will have a fortune of $ 5.42 billion, and the assets of the other will grow to 2.39 billion.

8. Use a smartphone

The company, known for its travel stories about a snowboarder, in which the brave Alto had to catch llamas and get away from Santa Claus, for almost five years now allows its customers to become Bitcoin billionaires: developed fine hand motor skills and perseverance are all that is needed.