The News Spy Experience – Scam or Legit? THE RESULTS REVEALED!

Online trading is an exciting way to earn money but if you ask professional traders, they will quickly tell you that trading success comes from really understanding the financial markets. That is, trading online is not a guessing game. You do not trade in Google shares, for example, simply because you think the price will go up. You need to take into consideration a variety of factors that will impact the Google share price so that you have a clear understanding of the direction that the price will move. This includes taking into account the many news reports that are released all the time.

So, at this point, you are properly thinking that there are thousands of financial news stories released all the time and you are also probably wondering which new reports you should be focusing on and which ones you should base your trade on.
This is where The News Spy takes center stage.

This innovative, effective software tool is able to quickly scan hundreds of relevant new sources and to pinpoint those that are likely to impact market movements. Analysts then rank the incoming information and a trading signal is created, letting the trader know what to trade and when to trade. It really doesn’t get any easier than this!


The News Spy Trading Review – Everything You Need to Know

In this The News Spy trading review, we are going to really explore this powerful and effective tool and reveal everything there is to know about it. Does it really increase trading accuracy? Can new traders really use this software to trade accurately? Our goal is to find both the advantages and the disadvantages of The News Spy tool so that you can make an educated decision about making it a part of your trading activities.

To start off our review, we did a search online and found many sites where users are making a lot of money thanks to The News Spy software. Many even claim to be me making over $1,500 daily and it seems that the general consensus is that thanks to The News Spy tool, anyone is able to master the art of trading and to make real profits. So, now it is time for us to put The News Spy software to the test.


What is The News Spy Software?

Basically put, The News Spy software is a news intelligence hub. That is, the software combines human analysis by professional traders and analysts with the automation of news collection. The end result is unmatched performance that is able to accurately pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities.
The News Spy software was created by John Mayers. He is well-known in the cryptocurrency industry since he was responsible for developing an advanced and intuitive auto-trading platform. His platform has enabled many people to earn a lot of money from the cryptocurrencies market, with ease.

The News Spy software is an online tool that can be used by both new and advanced traders. It works by collecting and analyzing trading data that comes from a wide range of markets, online media and different news outlets. The app will collect all the relevant data in the financial markets, and with the assistance of algorithms and expert analysts, this data is then analyzed and trading signals are then created. These trading signals advise a trader which assets to trade and when. With the simplicity of the trading signals that are generated, The News Spy can be used by anyone, even if you have no prior trading experience or an understanding of the markets.

A major benefit of The News Spy software tool is the speed at which the market news is analyzed. In order to be a successful online trader, analyzing and understanding the markets is a vital part of trading success. The downside is that this analysis can sometimes takes hours and hours, if not days. The fact is, we do not all have the spare time to spend hours analyzing the markets, plus we all definitely do not have the required analytical skills. So, this is where The News Spy tool shines. It does all the analysis for you, with the trading experts, to quickly know when a trading opportunity is available in the markets. When you then follow the recommendations from the experts, which is based on accurate markets analysis, big profits are inevitable.

Another big benefit of The News Spy software is that it scans the markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this way, trading opportunities are never lost, plus it gives traders the flexibility and convenience of trading at any time.


How Does the News Spy Trading Platform Work?

Market Analysis

In its basic form, The News Spy trading tool will search the financial news and will find and analyze events that will trigger market movement. The benefit of The News Spy tool is that its analysis is always one step ahead which means it knows in which direction the market will move, even before it moves. Even if you are not a professional trader, knowing something will happen even before it happens puts you into a very powerful position. The added benefit is that the newsworthy stories that The News Spy trading tool finds, are then analyzed by experts who rank the events along with a predicted trend. The end result is an accurate trading signal that is easy to understand. It tells traders which assets to trade and when.

Automated Trading

Another important feature of The News Spy trading tool is that it is an automated trading system. This means that once the signal is released, the News Spy tool is able to place trades on the trading platform automatically for you. What this means is that you benefit in two ways. The first way is that you no longer need to spend hours in front of your computer analyzing the markets and determining when is the right time to trade. This will save you a lot of time and the hard work of learning to understand the financial markets. Another great feature is that since the system is automated, the trade will be executed immediately. That is, once the trading signal matches your trading parameters, the trade will be opened or closed. In order to set up the trading parameters, you can set the assets you want to trade, how much you want to invest per trade, the daily stop loss, maximum profits per day, and so on. In order to set up your trading parameters, you only need to spend a few minutes each day doing this. The big advantage of this is that you will not miss any trading opportunities as a result of any delays, plus your emotions will not get in the way of the trading process.

Eliminate Emotional Trading

As a trader, it is very easy to get caught up in your emotions. That is, you may be afraid that you will lose money, so you could close a trade too early or some traders get overwhelmed with greed and over-invest and make bigger losses. With the News Spy tool, this cannot happen. Trades are made on pure statistics and analysis. This ensure accuracy, and of course, trading success and profitability.


A Test of The News Spy Demo Account

One of the many benefits of The News Spy tool is that they offer a demo account. A demo account is a trial account that operates with virtual trading funds. This means that you can make trades in the live trading environment without the risk of losing any money. This is an excellent way to familiarize oneself with the features of the trading platform as well as The News Spy trading tool.

A demo account is beneficial for both new and advanced traders. That is, a new trader can use the demo account to test the platform and to gain some insight as to how the financial markets move, how to analyze these movements and how to make a trade. For advanced traders, a demo account is an excellent way to test one’s trading strategies and to check if the trading signals match their trading analysis.


Why Trade with The News Spy Software?

The fact is, the financial markets move all the time and there are many factors that cause the markets to move. While it is not impossible to learn how to analyze the markets, it is a lot of work and can take up a lot of your time. The News Spy tool has been developed to do all the hard work for you and it will pinpoint potentially lucrative trading options for you.
Here are some of the other reasons why you should trade online with The News Spy software.

Growing Investment

Trading online is an excellent way to increase your income. Some people trade online full time and they earn sufficient money to live and to pay the bills, while still enjoying the finer things in life. Automated trading is an excellent way to boost your income and to grow your money. Some traders are making over $1,500 a day. If you visit the News Spy website, you will get the opportunity to read the testimonials of users of the software and it is clearly evident that this software works and that it is changing people’s lives.

Multiple Platforms Supported

When you sign up with The News Spy software, you are able to partner with one of their selected brokers so that you can access their trading platform. It is from the trading platform that you can trade a choice of assets in the financial markets. All the brokers that work with The News Spy tool have been tried and tested and the News Spy tool works seamlessly with a choice of trading platforms. This means that you do not need to try and find a broker that you can use The News Spy software with since they have done all the work for you and have hand selected the best, most reliable and professional brokers in the industry.

Impressive Track Record

Since The News Spy tool and the trading experts release trading signals, we took the time to check the accuracy of these trading signals and the fact is, it is impressive. That is, most of the signals are accurate and will end in successful trades. Now, you might be wondering why The News Spy tool is not 100% accurate and the fact is, there is no trading software available that is always accurate. If any software is promising you 100% success, then it is a scam. The markets move all the time and while analysis can help us in determining the direction that the markets will move; it cannot always be accurate as there are many factors that are in play. The News Spy tool does however produce accurate trading signals that enable global traders to really profit.

Multiple Signals Daily

The News Spy tool provides multiple signals every day and you can choose which signals you want to trade. You also have the option to trade manually or automatically so you can either allow the trading software to make trades on your behalf or you can remain in full control of your trading activities. Another benefit of multiple signals daily is that you can increase your profit potential. Once the market condition matches the trading parameters you have set on the software, a signal will be created, giving you a lot of trading opportunities. You have the convenience of trading whenever you want to.


Trade with Your Smartphone

A key advantage of The News Spy trading tool is that you can also trade from your smartphone. This gives you the convenience and flexibility to trade from anywhere and at any time. Most of us have very limited free time, which means that we definitely do not have hours available to simply sit in front of our computers waiting for a trading signal in order to trade. With The New Spy tool, you can execute a trade from the comfort of your smartphone at any time that you want to, even while you are travelling on the bus or waiting in a queue in a supermarket.

Technical Features

The News Spy tool has been designed to do all the hard analytical work for you. Combined with their expert analysts, all you need to do is select the signals you want to trade and make your trade. It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. In addition, in order to know which trading signals will be generated, these will be based on the trading parameters that you will set. This is also easy to do and you do not need prior experience to be able to set up these parameters. Simply set up which assets you want to trade, how much you want to invest, the risk level, the maximum profit per day and more. Since the software is automated, you do not even need to be around in order to make a trade. The software will trade on your behalf, quickly and accurately.

Demo Account

To give you the opportunity to test The News Spy trading tool, you can use the available demo trading account. This trial account has virtual funds which lets you trade without the risk of losing any real money. The benefit of this is that you get the opportunity to see the News Spy software in action and to see how the process works. That is, you can experience what the trading signal looks like, the information it provides as well as the process of how a trade is opened automatically on the broker’s trading platform.


Can You Make Money with The News Spy Software?

The short answer is Yes, you can make money with the News Spy software. In terms of exactly how much you can make, this varies based on a number of factors, such as how much you invest, how often you trade and so on. We were able to make $2,459 in profit after using The News Spy tool for two weeks. In addition, online testimonials show that people are making over $1,500 every day so it is evident that the profits are unlimited. Based on this, we want to also highlight the risks of trading. That is, you can lose money when you trade online but there are certain steps you can take to protect your profits, while reducing the risks of trading.
These include as follows:

Use Effective Trading Tools – This really needs little explanation. There are many tools available in the market but it is important to use tools that really work and help in improving your trading accuracy and success. A great example of this is The News Spy tool which will analyze the markets for you, and together with the trading experts, it will create accurate trading signals.

Invest Small – When you start trading, start with small investment capital. Once you have signed up with The News Spy software, you will only need to make a deposit of $250 so that you can trade on the trading platform of the broker. This money is yours and you can withdraw it at any time, together with your profits, hassle-free. As you start to earn and understand how the financial markets work, you can then increase your deposit amounts.

Invest What You Can Afford to Lose – This is really important because at the end of the day, trading does involve risk. Based on this, it is vital to only invest money that you can afford to lose and that will not impact your life. While the more you invest does mean you can profit more, it is vital to always ensure that you stay within the limits of your financial possibilities.

Set Your Trading Parameters – As we have said, you only need to work a few minutes a day to set your trading parameters on the News Spy tool. Take the time to understand the different types of options available and remember that nothing is cast in stone. You can change the trading parameters at any time. Learn about what works best for you.

Why You Should Trade Bitcoin with The News Spy Software

Since they have been introduced to the markets, cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity. To top it off, the prices of digital currencies are volatile making them the ideal asset to trade. To put it into perspective, in December 2017, Bitcoin traded at around $20,000. By June 2018, it was trading at a low of $5,868 and by December of the same year, it was trading even lower at $3,400. This volatility makes it an excellent asset to trade with many trading opportunities.

On the flipside, it is quite hard to analyze the cryptocurrency markets and to understand exactly what makes the price of digital coins move. This is where The News Spy trading software excels. It is able to scan and analyze huge sources of financial information and together with analytical experts, it is able to know in which direction the price of a cryptocurrency will move. A trading signal is then produced and the software can even make a trade automatically based on the details of the signal. Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is much easier and more accurate and profitable with The News Spy trading tool.

Another benefit of using the News Spy tool to trade Bitcoin is that both new and advanced traders can use the software to trade cryptos. No prior experience is required plus, you can use the trading signals as a way to test and check your trading strategies. It is a win-win situation for all.


How to Start Trading with The News Spy – Step by Step

Getting started with The News Spy tool is really easy to do. Simply visit The News Spy website, and within a few minutes, you will be able to register for a free, promotional license and you can start making profits in the online trading world.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start trading with The News Spy trading software:

Step 1 – Registration

From the comfort of the homepage of the News Spy website, you can complete the short registration form. You will need to provide your full name and your email address. Once you have submitted this information, you will then be required to create a password for your account. The News Spy takes the security and safety of your personal and financial information very seriously so it is excellent that a password is required in the registration process. You then move on to the third stage of registration where you will be required to provide information on your country of residence and your contact telephone number. Once you have submitted this information, you will have a registered News Spy account.

Step 2 – Deposit

The next step is to make a deposit so that you have trading capital available so that you can start trading. The minimum requirement is only $250 and as we have stated, The News Spy has only partnered with top, professional brokers that will provide you with access to a trading platform. Each broker offers secure banking options so that you can deposit and withdraw funds safely and with ease. The broker will also provide an all-inclusive trading environment which will include access to educational trading resources, a demo trading account and responsive customer support and service.

Step 3 – Demo trading

A big benefit of trading with The News Spy tool is that you are able to access a demo trading account before you step into the trading arena with real money. A demo trading account is a trial account that has virtual funds. You can trade and test the platform and features without the risk of losing any money.

Step 4 – Trading

Once your account is registered and funded, you can start trading. Simply set the trading parameters of the News Spy tool and it will get to work, scanning and analyzing the markets and together with the trading experts, it will pinpoint trading opportunities. You then have the option to set the trading tool to automated mode where it will execute trades on your behalf once a trading signal matches your trading parameters. For those who like to be in full control of their trading activities, you can set The News Spy trading tool to manual mode.
It really does not get any easier than this.


Final Word – Is The News Spy Legit or Not?

The News Spy trading tool is legit. It accurately scans and analyses huge amounts of financial news from a wide range of sources and then with the input of analytical experts, it will produce trading signals, letting you know which assets to trade and when. Our experience of the software is that it is legit and an excellent way to master the world of online trading and to profit from it. The combination of technological and human analysis has really helped to create a tool that is unique and effective. To top it off, it is able to deal with the huge amounts of news seamlessly.

Another big element which boosts the legitimacy of the News Spy tool is the analysis team that works behind the scenes to create the trading signals. Their years of experience and knowledge enable them to produce accurate signals. As a result, The News Spy tool sits way above many other automated trading platforms available in the market. To top it off, the News Spy tool is easy to use and it has a user-friendly interface which does all the work for the trader. The News Spy tool gets a big thumbs up from us.

The News Spy FAQs

To ensure that we have covered all areas in this review, we have added a frequently asked questions section so that you can find all the answers you might be looking for when it comes to the News Spy trading tool. So, here we go:

How Do You Withdraw Money?

Remember, that any money that you deposit is your trading capital and it is yours which means, you can withdraw it at any time. The withdrawal process is hassle-free. Simply complete the withdrawal request form and provide the required information to the broker, and within 24 hours, your request will be processed. It is important to note that we do not charge any fees or commissions.

Does The News Spy Have a Mobile App?

You can trade using your smartphone since the News Spy software runs on a browser. This means that you are able to access the trading tool from any smartphone with an Internet connection. This provides the convenience and flexibility to trade at any time and from anywhere.

Is There an Available Demo Account?

Yes there is. The News Spy offers access to a demo or trial account which is loaded with virtual funds. This will give you the opportunity to test the platform and the software and its features without any risk of losing money.

Can You Make Money with The News Spy App?

Yes you can make money. Some users have reported making over $1,500 every day but the profit potential is limitless. That is, it will all depend on how much you invest and how often you trade. The fact is, you can really make money using the News Spy trading tool to trade financial assets.

When Was The News Spy on Dragons’ Den?

In 2018, the News Spy trading tool appeared on Dragons’ Den and Deborah Meaden made a deposit of £250 to get the opportunity to check how this effective and powerful trading tool works.

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