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Bitcoin Below Psychological Mark of $47,000, Shiba Inu On Upward Journey


Major cryptocurrencies’ prices were weak as investors waited for cues to purchase and booked their profits. Bitcoin (BTC), which traded at $46,955.58 for 0.40 percent, continued trading below its physiological mark. Rival Ethereum is slightly lower at $3,919.29 as per data, which was available at 8.45 AM.

FlexaHQ tweeted that Cardano’s native token ADA was accepted for payments at more than 40,000 locations across the US. This is a huge win for Cardano users. Flexa, a digital payment network, allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Despite positive developments regarding Cardano’s use case, Cardano (ADA), is currently trading at a loss of 0.68 percent. It is now on sale for $1.23

Algorand, also known as the Ethereum killer was down 3.04 percent at $1.30. It now has a market capital of $8,252,685,96.

Binance Coin (BNB), a major coin, is down 1.49 percent at $520.66. Solana (SOL), plummeted by 4.31 percent to trade at $172.09.

Global crypto market cap is now at $2.19 trillion, down 0.26 percent. The crypto market volume for the last 24 hours was $94.73 billion. This is a 20% increase which adds to a dull trading day. The market cap for Bitcoin has increased 0.28 percent to 40.57%.

Today’s top gainer is Yeti Coin (YETI COIN), up 973.81 percent at $11.59. Hakuryu ($RYU) is the top loser. It trades at $0.001342, which represents a drop in price of 96.56 percent in the past 24 hours.

Meme Coins

Dogecoin (DOGE) continues to fall with trading volume increasing as much as 54.51% at $877,613,091. It currently trades at $0.1675. This is a 1.28 percent decrease in the past 24 hours.

Rival Shiba Inu has returned to the market with strong buying interest. The current trading volume is $0.00003137, a gain of 2.83 percent. Its trading volume has increased by 193.41 percent to $1,824,775,353.

ELON trades at a loss of 0.16 percent at $0.000001036 while Floki Inu is at a loss at $0.0001179. However, Samoyed Coin (SAMO), has crashed by 6.07 percent at $0.04002.

The most recent updates

In an interview with Bloomberg, a top US Treasury official requested that the US Congress pass legislation on the growing crypto market. She was quoted as saying this: “If Congress doesn’t enact legislation, regulators will use whatever authority they have.”

Mauricio Macri, the former President of Argentina, met Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder. They had a conversation about the future of cryptocurrency in Argentina. The country is currently suffering from high inflation and a massive devaluation. Bloomberg Linea reported that Buterin was visiting Argentina to attend the anniversary event for The Graph, a decentralized protocol used to index and consult blockchain data.