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NFL Legend Aaron Rodgers To Take Portion Of Salary In Bitcoin

Green Bay Packers legend Aaron Rodgers announced today via Twitter that he had partnered with Cash App in order to receive a portion his NFL salary as bitcoin. In the comments section of Rodgers’ announcement, he also revealed that he will be giving away $1,000,000 worth of bitcoin to his fans.

Rodgers didn’t share details about how much of his salary is he willing to accept bitcoin. According to Spotrac he earns an average annual salary $33,500,000

The football star said, “I believe in Bitcoin and the future’s bright.” Bitcoin allows Rodgers and his athletes to store their wealth in the future, without losing their purchasing power.

Rodgers might make more than the average Joe, but he still suffers from the effects of money printing inflation. Because it is difficult to store wealth in fiat currency over the long-term, athletes are turning to bitcoin for a solution.

Rodgers is now the third NFL player to accept Bitcoin as payment for his services on field. He follows the North Carolina Panther Russel OKung, and the free agent Sean Culkin, who both made the leap over the past year.

As they age, athletes can save their bitcoin wealth to ensure financial security and independence. They can rest easy knowing that 21 million bitcoin will never be created and there is no way to mine more.

Famous quarterback has an enormous following on social media, with over 4.4 million followers on Twitter.

He is the latest celebrity to opt out of fiat currency in order to take part in the financial revolution known as bitcoin. This announcement will be a big hit across the country. This post is sure to attract the attention of his followers, who may not be familiar with bitcoin. It also makes them curious about why he has decided to invest his hard-earned money in it. Moments like these are what make bitcoin more widely adopted around the globe.